About gps

Gotham Podcast Studio opened its doors in 2017 & set out to be a one stop shop for podcasts.

Our mission is to provide quality equipment, studios, customer service, podcast hosting, & resources to produce optimal sounding podcasts for our clients.

See below to meet our Founders, Owners, & Sound Engineers that make up the GPS team.


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Co-Founder | Owner | Marketing Manager

Matt created, hosted, and engineered his first podcast back in 2014 when he lived in Rochester, NY. After moving to NYC in 2016 he created his new show, The Martial Culture Podcast with co-host and MMA Gym Owner, Coach Rene Driefuss.

Needing a more permanent set up was the driving force behind the idea of creating a space to record in but it quickly grew from there into making it a business.

Matts passion for this business has always lied in giving creative individuals all the necessities to produce the show of their dreams.

"Giving people the chance to show their creativity or getting their friends together to talk about the latest in pop culture, whatever the content is, it's amazing to know we've created a space for them to do that." -Matt


Co-Founder | Owner | Operations Manager

Helping Matt on weekends to transform their living room into a studio was the initiation Brianna got into the podcasting world in 2014.

Living in NYC was a dream and goal of hers since she was a young kid growing up in Ohio.

Within 3 months after marrying, they started working on the Business Model for GPS. From the name, logo, pricing structure, services offered, studio location, competition, it all started to come together.

Her passion has always been helping people, through all the different jobs she's done, helping has always been the common thread.

"One thing I knew had to be incorporated into this business, was that underlying sense of aiding and helping. In everything we do, every new project, every decision, we ask is this helping our clients?" -Brianna


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Owner | Public Relations Manager

Mike has been an avid podcast listener since 2014, his favorites are the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Patt Flynn and How I Built This with Guy Ross.

Mike spends his free time enjoying the different foods and entertainment NYC has to explore.

He has over a decade in sales experience, studied business and law at the University of Buffalo, and graduated with his bachelors in 2009.

"Podcasts are the best way to let the world hear what you have to say in a very passive and intimate fashion. We provide that place where podcasters can work on growing those relationships and share their passion with listeners while we focus on the other aspects of the podcasts production." - Mike


Lee Walker

Sound Engineer | Show Liason

Lee’s podcasting journey started in 2018 after experiencing major creative block preventing her from creating photography or blogging content that she enjoyed enough to put out.

After a few weeks of the block she decided to take the advice people had been giving her for as long as she can remember, that advice being to be in TV or radio. Lee decided a podcast was the route she wanted to take. Shortly after deciding that doing the show in her home was not going to cut it Lee crossed paths with Matt & Brianna.

Gotham Podcast Studio created a home for Lee, her idea, and her passion. After being with the studio for a few months the opportunity was presented to her to continue to grow her craft & engineer at the studio, it was a no brainer Lee immediately accepted and has been engineering and recording at Gotham since.

“No matter what I’m doing I’m always putting on for the home team Gotham Podcast Studio.” - Lee

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Caleb Barge

Sound Engineer | Show Liason

Caleb started podcasting early in his comedy career and had the dilemma that every podcaster has, “what if no one listens?”

He looked for a studio to record in, but every studio he found was very expensive.

Eventually he stumbled upon Gotham Podcast Studio and loved what they were doing. They advertised that they would help with marketing and increase his listeners.

That fixed his dilemma. He now has his podcast up on their network with fans across the country and started working for them as a sound engineer.

“Be creative and express yourself. Don’t settle for what is safe. Would you rather get paid to talk or work in a boring office while your life passes by?” - Caleb